Work of Art Expo

Laboratorium Ilmu Humaniora

The Work of Art Expo activity is intended to showcase the productivity and creativity of the academic community in working within the scope of Faculty of Cultural Studies – Universitas Brawijaya. The results of the works presented will be compiled into a catalog that will be published at the end of the program. The real work exhibition activity is expected to be able to encourage the presentation of lecturers’ works, student works, or even collaborative works (students and lecturers) in the Faculty of Cultural Studies academic environment openly. The form of work presented is not limited to reference books, monograph books, but can also be in other forms, such as research and development prototypes, works of art, literary works, photography, product design, batik plans, and so on. The hope is that it can be a spark for meetings with other humanities, and the opening of cooperation schemes (research, prototypes, models, etc.) in various possibilities.